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Sonya Heller, is a disabled United States Navy veteran that returned back to Ohio. Born and raised in Akron Ohio, she  began using art as an outset due to her disabilities for self expression. She is a REALTOR® and self taught artist who taught herself to use a variety of forms of art in order to appeal to a wide range audience. Her art is a combination of full lush colors to express pain, joy, sensuality and other emotions. Among real life ethnic and cultural paintings, she has captivated many forms to be embraced by professional offices, homes and even galleries. Being passionate about her art with her love for life glow in each canvas or piece to form an amazing masterpiece.

Over the years Sonya has grown as an artist. Putting details and time into sketching up a painting or idea for each piece of work she does. Having a great attention to detail because of her military background. Sonya Heller is also a great photographer and jewelry maker. Her eye for capturing things just tells a story in every painting or piece she does.  Never did she image making something out of what she saw as just a hobby. As time goes on I know she will learn more because she is very passionate about her work and sharing it with others. In December 2019 Sonya Heller became a licensed REALTOR® for Eberhardt Realty and Management  after attending Hondros. She is looking forward to taking this next step in life to learn something new things.

Donations are welcome to anyone who would like to donate to help me create more work and support my journey. I would like to thank everyone who has been on this journey with me and has helped me along the road. Thanks to Justin for helping to encourage me to build this site. Thank you to Shenita for helping to write my bio. To my family, friends, visitors and customers I am truly thankful for you as well. For any question about any of my work please feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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