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Red Desire

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Red Desire by Sonya Heller

Red Desire is an acrylic painting on an 18 inch by 24 inch canvas with wood frame. This painting would be a great addition to any room of the house or office with its bold red background to stand out. Let  your desire of this fierce exotic painting invite you gaze upon her beauty.

This piece is one of two painting I have painted thus far. This one with a red background and the other one with a purple background. I painted this painting because someone requested an afro lady. I then painted the other one because it was a request to have it with a purple ground. Both original paintings are still available.

For any question on this piece or any of my work please feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.




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  1. Nita November 11, 2017

    How much is this painting? I am interested in putting it in a special room in my house

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