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Africa 1

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Africa 1 by artist Sonya Heller

Africa 1 is an acrylic 12 inch by 24 inch painting with a wood frame. Home! A Place we have never been or seen but have been robbed of. They call us African American but why not just American if we have generations that have not set foot on this land called home.

I painted this because I wanted to see if I could paint something more challenging. With Africa being so rough around the edges like anyone, I wanted to test my skills. Africa has an attention to detail and fine lines. Painting this made my mind have to think about the sketch and painting it because I wanted to get it close to looking as it should. This painting is one of two versions I have made so far. There are two because after seeing this painting someone requested a painting but with the colors different.

For any question on this piece or any of my work please feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.





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