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Tree Of Life

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Tree Of Life

Tree of Life is an acrylic painting on a round piece of wood. This piece represents life and balance. The blue sky and the water. Water your self with knowledge and positivity because growth is finding a better you. Let the sky be refreshing as you bloom in it. Be grounded from the roots to your trunk to your branches to stand tall and strong. Let there be light and there will be life. Soar above as the birds because life is about being free.

I painted this because I wanted to do something spiritual in a way. Representing a fresh start and strength. This painting comes full circle because it is a tree painted on a wood to gesture the circle of life and how things are recycled. Flowers for growth because with every coming year the future is brighter.

For any question on this piece or any of my work please feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.





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