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Purple Haze

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Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a 16 inch by 20 inch acrylic painting with wood frame. Sit back and get mesmerized on where your imagination can take you.  Let the colors fill your thoughts with a a wave of positivity. Adjust your  crown and sit on your thrown of the royal colors shown.

I painted this because I was I wanted to try out the fluid painting technique. I just picked what colors I thought might look nice together.  There is also smaller painting to go with, one the same colors one different colors. The one that has a blue added into I kept along the same path because I think blue is also a royal color. Fluid painting are interesting because you just let the paint flow and see what the outcome will be.

For any question on this piece or any of my work please feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.





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