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Opportunity Beyond Color

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Opportunity Beyond Color

Opportunity Beyond Color,  a textured 24 inch by 30 inch spray painted piece on canvas with wood frame. In a world of equality. Let us see no color with people but see faces! Enjoy the color around us in nature, not in races! Let Opportunity speak, beyond color!

I painting this because I wanted to draw the line. Opportunity shouldn’t stop at what color a person is. A name on an application isn’t an actual person. Why can’t a person just be who they are in the flesh? The society we lives in judges our character because of a piece of paper all to often.

People want to go to the concrete jungle because that’s where dreams are made. We have to do better as a people to give people chances and let a persons character define who they are because who are we to judge? We are all human. Why can’t we all have the same opportunity based on our talents? Will we have to remain divided as a people because people want power? We are all one race therefore we should all be treated as so. The human race. We are all one.

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